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© Joseph Dougherty. All rights reserved. Limacia cockerelli (MacFarland, 1905) Cockerell's Nudibranch Synonym: Laila cockerelli This species reaches lengths of 26 mm. It has long dorsal papillae with white branchial plumes. It is found in two forms. The northern form has white tubercles down the middle of the dorsum. The second form, found in areas south of Point Conception have tubercles that are slightly longer and tipped with orange. Intermediate forms exist in central and northern California. Another form in California has large red blotches on the dorsum. Geographical Range: Vancouver Island (British Columbia) to Bahia de los Angeles (Baja California), uncommon at south end of range in winter.

PolyceridaeLimacia cockerelliLimacianudibranchsseaslugssea slugsgastropodsgastropodaopisthobranchsCalifornia wildlifecalifornia underwaterChannel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuarymarine sanctuariesmarine parkChannel Islandsmarine invertebratesmollusksMollusca

From Catalina Island -- Peace Dive Boat -- June 2013