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© Joseph Dougherty. All rights reserved. Calliostoma annulatum Purple-ringed top snail The animal is pinkish orange with brown dorsal spots. The shell is up to about 2-3 cm diameter/height, and usually has 8 flattened whorls. The shell is gorgeous while the snail is alive, but the colors fade after the animal dies. Geographical Range: Forester Island, Alaska to Isla San Geronimo, Baja California Depth Range: Almost never intertidal. More common on the open coast than in protected waters, although it is abundant subtidally in some areas of the San Juan Islands. Habitat: Seaweeds in shallow water. Lives higher on kelp than does C. ligatum but below C. canaliculatum in CA. Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary; Santa Barbara County, CA.

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