Beneath the Waves in California - ecophotog

© Joseph Dougherty. All rights reserved. Chromodoris macfarlandi MacFarland's Chromodorid Metandrocarpa taylori Huntsman, 1912 Orange Social Sea Squirt This Chromodoris was found on the side of a rock blanketed by orange sea squirts. I'm not sure if that is this nudibranch's prey item, but it didn't stray out of the tunicate colony over the course of the 10-15 minutes I spent observing and photographing it. Reportedly, it feeds mostly on sponges, but in this instance it really seemed fond of the ascidians. Anacapa Island, Channel Islands, CA.

ChromodorididaeMexichromisnudibranchsseaslugssea slugsgastropodsgastropodaopisthobranchstunicatessea squirtsCalifornia wildlifecalifornia underwaterChannel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuarymarine sanctuariesmarine parkChannel IslandsStyelidaeAscidiaceaascidiansAnacapaAnacapa Islandmarine invertebrates

From Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary