Beneath the Waves in California - ecophotog

© Joseph W. Dougherty. All rights reserved. 38 second video clip. Exoskeleton of a large Spiny Mole Crab, Blepharipoda occidentalis, rolling across the sandy bottom. Note the spines on the cephalad portion of the carapace and the two large front claws. This species is very distinct from the common Pacific Mole Crab, Emerita analoga, seen in retreating waves on many Southern California beaches. The Spiny Mole Crab is a small predator, dining primarily on other sand crabs, while the filter-feeding Pacific Mole Crab has a smooth carapace and lacks claws. The Sealion Spot; Anacapa Island, Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary; Santa Barbara Co., CA.

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From Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary