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© Joseph Dougherty. All rights reserved. Sebastes serriceps (D. S. Jordan & C. H. Gilbert, 1880) Treefish Treefish in the kelp forest off Catalina Island, CA. The treefish (Sebastes serriceps) is a marine fish of the Sebastes genus. It is native to the eastern Pacific Ocean with a range from San Francisco, California to central Baja California, Mexico. Its name comes from the Latin "Saw Head", referring to the large spines on the top of its head. It has been reported up to 41 centimetres (16 in), and 25 years old. It usually occurs in crevices in rocky areas, 5-90 metres (16-295 feet) deep. It is a very territorial fish, also being venomous to humans. They eat mollusks, crustaceans, and small fish. The young are fed upon by lingcod, cabezon, birds, rockfish, salmon, porpoises and terns, while adults are preyed upon by sharks, dolphins and seals. They are an important fish for the recreational fishing in California.

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From Catalina Island -- Peace Dive Boat -- June 2013